Saturday, April 18, 2009

Don't box me in, People!

I promised serious opinions when I started my blog. I've mostly just given you cards with a bit of political humor thrown in the mix. This post won't be like that. So stop reading now if you don't want to know what I really think. I'm going to speak up as someone who is unabashedly conservative and tired of getting the bird and dirty looks because I have a McCain/Palin sticker on my car. Your guy won. Good for you. We live where we can vote for whomever we choose. Don't think you know everything about me or where I stand.

Let me start by saying, I'm not a racist. The accusation makes me mad as hell. That is what Janeane Garofalo and Keith Olbermann implied of those people who attended The Great American Tea Party on the 15th. The outrage has nothing to do with a black man being in office. And in case no one noticed, the head of the GOP is also a black man. I don't like Pres Obama's policies. I think he's more concerned about appearances and appeasing the world than protecting American sovereignty. I think his economic policies encourage laziness and bad decision making and punish hard work and success with higher taxes. The Freedom of Choice Act makes me want to puke. And I have no doubt that what has happened in Iraq over the last six years is in fact a war and not a contingency plan. I think socialized medicine is inefficient and a bad idea. I think Pres. Obama is more affable with Hugo Chavez and Castro than he is with House Republicans or even Vice President Biden. Let me clear up a few other things for you or at least give you my take on them.

Republicans are all rich people who don't give a crap about the poor. Another lie. I believe with every part of my being that it is my Christian duty to help the poor in any way I can. I believe, however, that that is a personal responsibility. The government should look after the whole taking each group into consideration. I should look after my neighbor. I don't think the best way to help the poor is through legislation. I think it is more about looking around at friends and family and lending a hand when you can and less about screaming about injustice and demanding DC do something. Communism and Socialism sound great in theory, but people aren't risking their lives to be smuggled into Cuba or China.

Republicans think taxes are bad. Nope, that one isn't true either. I think the IRS is a mess and the tax code is as well. Taxes are necessary though. What I do mind is the gross inefficiency in spending. Our government is serving up pork chops and ham for every meal and calling it stimulus. It's ridiculous. Our economy needs to be stimulated, but we are just finding more ways to spend money without addressing the way we spend what we already have. This would be like me applying for twenty new credit cards so I could finance all my family's wants without ever looking at what we actually need and what we already have.

Republicans hate gay people. This one isn't true either. I do believe marriage is between one woman and one man. Our Democratic president has gone on record saying he believes the same. Marriage at its inception was a religious institution, and I think a redefinition would infringe on religious civil liberties. Catholic charities has already shut it's doors in MA because, the law conflicts with the religion. This alone for me is reason to maintain the definition of marriage as it stands. I do however support civil unions and think domestic partnerships should receive the same tax benefits and insurance benefits as married couples. One is a government and monetary issue, the other is a religious issue. Separation of church and state isn't a one way street.

Republicans are all about killing the environment. Hi Pot! I'm the kettle. You're black. Our nation is disgustingly dependent on foreign oil. For me the jury is still out on global warming. I've heard from brilliant people on both sides make excellent arguments. What it boils down to for me is stewardship. We should take care of what we are given. We should recycle. We should walk more and drive less. Use the cloth grocery bags, it won't kill you. Buy local, organic produce. It tastes much better and supports the farmers in your own area. On the flip side of this coin, is the drilling issue. I do support offshore drilling. Why? Because it will make our country less dependent on countries that hate us. Why is it okay to destroy the resources in foreign countries far away so we can drive 50 miles one way by ourselves to work each morning in our Chevy Tahoe? It's not. If we care so much about our world, we should really care and not act like drilling is all fine and dandy as long as it's somewhere far away and it doesn't clutter up our shorelines or wreck our landscapes. We should take a little personal responsibilty and wear a sweater in the winter instead of cranking the heater to 73 degrees. We have to stop yelling about what everyone else is doing wrong while we continue to do the same thing.

I could go on and on, but I'm feeling like I've said my peace for today. Am I angry? Sometimes, yeah. I do support Pres Obama in his role as leader of our nation, but I don't have to like his policies, and you don't have to agree with me. Thanks to our first amendment, we are given the liberty to freely express our thoughts and views and opinions. So when we disagree, let's debate without assumptions and name calling. I can think you're a clueless idiot who has your head up your hiney, but I certainly won't be on the news saying that. Human beings don't fit into neat little boxes unless they're contortion artists, and even they don't stay long.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talk is cheep!

So here is a card for you. I love this set. That fat little bird is just too cute. The idea for this came from a Target add. This was supposed to be my Mingle swap. In fact all the pieces are stamped and cut, they just haven't been assembled. A case of hives halted the process. But the MI Mingle was a blast without anything to swap. Now I have a couple dozen of these cards though so look for one in your mailbox. Might not be today. Might not be tomorrow. Might be the day after never. Okay, shutting up now.
- Real Red, Bashful Blue, Yoyo yellow, Green galore, Tangerine Tango, Night of Navy
Paper - Navy, Green
Stamps - Good friend, Petal Pizazz, cheep talk
Ink Galore, White, Yoyo yellow
accesories - real red grosgrain, orange rickrack, corner punch, dimensionals