Monday, July 20, 2009

A confession

Brace yourself. I have to make a confession. It is something that has weighed on my mind for years. Are you ready? I don't like working with purple, not at all. I find it a tedious chore. I like somethings other people make using it, but I hate almost everything I make with purple. It is a deeply rooted neurosis of some sort I'm sure. Just confessing makes me feel much better.
In an effort to improve myself, I'm attempting to use purple more. This is a set from Stampin' Up's new catalog. It went together very quickly and I didn't feed it to the trash can. Double bonus.


  1. It turned out really pretty!

    You are not alone with your color neurosis-I struggle with most of the colors in SU's Earth Elements group.

  2. I second Sandy's comment. You are NOT alone with your color issues!! I, too, can't work with purple. It's a beautiful color--just always ugly when I touch it. That being said, this card is beautiful!!! You did great with the purple!!

  3. I have the same aversion to purple! Can't use it, don't like to use it, it never works out for me! It's tough because Debbi and Lauren both love purple and I just can't make either of them a purple card to save my life. You are not alone, my friend! Oh, and this is a beauty - it came out great! Love it!

  4. You'd never know from this card that you have an aversion to my favorite color. You did a great job with it! I like it!

    Sorry to make your life difficult Paulette ;-)