Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yin and yang

I have a confession to make. There are two very distinct sides to my personality. The evidence is here in these two cards.

On the one hand, I recognize that every human being struggles with something. Sometimes people are going through very difficult times. I feel for them. I pray the good Lord will give them strength and courage to carry them through. So in these times, I may send them a nice, little card like this one.

I actually made this one for my Grandma. She broke her tibia and is struggling in rehab. And since I can never get her on the phone, I went the archaic route of snail mail. Crazy! I know.

Then there is the other half of my personality. It isn't as nice. It says, "What the heck are you belly aching about?" and "Would you like some cheese with all that whine?" I know. It's not pretty. It was this little devil inside of me who encouraged me to make this next card.

It looks pretty, right? Did you see the sentiment? Oh yes. It does say, "Suck it up, Buttercup!" This is for all the times I read FB and tire of my friends constantly complaining. Quite frankly, I don't care that you have the sniffles, it's cold outside, or that your dog farted and is stinking up your house. Okay, I probably do care unless 99% of your statuses are complaints. This is for the people who never say "fine" when you enquire about how they are doing. Instead, they give you a diatribe about ingrown toe nails and unfair bosses and global warming and their large hineys. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! You're a grown up. Sometimes life sucks. Deal. I told you it was not pretty.

So this is where I come back to my senses. I remind myself that God did not equip everyone with the same set of coping mechanisms. Some people can't just suck it up and roll with the punches. I cannot control how other people behave, but I can control my reaction to it. So I make a mean card that I will pull out and laugh at, but never send. I make 2 more like the one for my Grandma and I pray that the good Lord grants me restraint the next time someone annoys me. I will try to offer encouragement and not just a big old cup of "Suck it up!"

All products used are Stampin' Up!
Nice card
Stamps-Thoughts and Prayers
Ink - Whisper White, choc chip
Paper - Choc chip, Kraft
Accessories - Scallop edge punch, scallop corner punch, pretty in pink satin ribbon

Naughty card
Paper - So saffron, Choc chip, Very Vanilla
ink - So saffron sponged on flower's edges
Accessories - XL flower punch, big brad, double stitch ribbon, mover/shaker die, oval punch


  1. And this, this RIGHT HERE, is why I love you...I hope that if you see me behaving that way that you send me the ' suck it up, buttercup' card, I need that reality check now and then :)

  2. OMGoodness! I wish once and awhile you would use that card for a special someone we both know!LOL
    You are a hoot, and thats why I love you GF!!!AWESOME creations! TFS

  3. Love them both, Laura -- just like I love both sides of your personality!! Glad you had a few minutes for your blog :)

  4. I just love you!!! And I'm with Tracey - if I ever deserve this card - please send it to me!! I know there are times that I need to suck it up and hate myself when I get like that!!

  5. I love both cards Laura! Fabulous! I love the edge punch you used on both cards. The way you used the corner punch on the top card is wonderful. I also really like your buttercup. Truly wonderful.

  6. You need to post more ... these 2 cards are FABULOUS, truly the most lovely creations. And that 2nd one is a HOOT ... I wouldn't ever dare send it out, but I love it!!!!

    Way to go, Laura!

  7. They're both beautiful and I especially love the buttercup card. You could feel free to send that one to me any time I deserve it! I would laugh my head off. And then I'd suck it up!

  8. Suck it up, Buttercup! Now that's my kind of card! :-) love them both, laura. Good job.

  9. You are priceless, my friend! A greeting card and a reality check all in one! :) Both cards are really pretty!

  10. This just made my whole day :)

    Besides, you could tell anyone to suck it up with a card that cute! It is a little contradiction all on it's own!

  11. You are priceless! And the next time that I am complaining.....send the suck it up card to Tracey. haha

  12. I adore, adore, adore that Suck It Up Buttercup!!!! Know what you mean about Facebook -- I unfriended and blocked a person there because of constant complaints (sadly I work at the same place with this person, but at least now I don't know what's going on in that miserable life).

  13. Suck it up buttercup is just beyond wonderful! Laura, this is one example of why I miss you so much. You are hilarious! And as far as the beautiful card above it goes, I totally meant it when I told you I want to CASE it for my next workshop. I hope you were being serious when you said you didn't mind. It's a great card and one I know would be perfect for my stamper's group!

  14. Hahaha!! Thanks for the giggle Laura. I love the card you made for your grandma. The other card is just hilarious!! I think we all have people like that in our lives.