Monday, March 8, 2010

Card purse kit

Yesterday was Stefan's aunt's birthday. Debbie is just one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Her dear husband Paul invited the family out to Olive Garden to celebrate with them. It is always good to see them and visit! I had a fabulous time with them.

Since it was Aunt Debbie's birthday, I wanted to bring her a little something. She likes birds so I thought I'd make her a card with a bird on it. Then I decided a set of note cards would be even better. Now there is a slight problem. I have OCD when it comes to nature images. They have to be accurate or cartoony. There is no in between for me. I hate blue roses, and cardinals are red! I don't like purple daffodils. Artistic expression? Whatever! (just so you know- "whatever" is code for "You're full of it!" or "Go away!") Taking realistic nature images and coloring them weird colors is just not for me.

So for this little set I freed myself and made no attempt at realism. It wasn't that hard because I know almost nothing about birds other than 101 ways to cook a chicken. I used the Extra Large Two-Step Bird, the perfect polka dots impression folder, and the scallop trim border punch. The color palette is chocolate chip, certainly celery, and soft sky. Soft sky is retired and no longer available. I'll wait while you dry your eyes. I know it is very sad. Sniff. Sniff.

Above is the inside of the card purse. Isn't this a clever idea? I didn't come up with it. These have been cropping up at several stamp gatherings over the last year, and I just thought they were adorable! I found the tutorial here on Julie's blog. Check it out. She does very nice work.

Finally this is the little card we put our birthday wishes in and tied to the handle. This set went together surprisingly quickly. I came up with the design and made ten cards and the tote in about an hour and a half. I take longer than that to choose a color palette some days! So to make something that I like that comes together quickly makes for a very good day. I hope you had a good weekend too.


  1. What a fantastic gift set!! I'm sure Aunt Debbie loved it! I still mist up a bit when I think about soft does hurt. lol I have to agree with you on the nature being colored 'right' or what I perceive as right -- I even have trouble with pink hair, etc... :) two peas in a pod we are...

  2. OH MY GOSH - this is just too cute! I am bettin' that Aunt Debbie loved receiving this gift.

  3. This set is just darling! You put your Soft Sky to good use. I can barely stand to pull mine out (hoarder that I am!), as I so loved this color and like you, am soooo sad about it's retirement. But to make a cute set like this, I'd definitely use it! Great job on a wonderful gift. I am sure your Aunt must have loved her gift!

  4. You are so talented. I'm glad you're gonna be my roomie. I can't wait to stay up all night.

  5. I haven't visited for a while and can't believe I missed this one! SOOOOO Cute!

  6. Wonderful Laura!! I bet she loved it to pieces :) !! What a nice way to give a set of cards. Beautiful design and color choices!