Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Mary Jo and Uncle Scott!

So today is my Uncle Scott's birthday, and his wife my beloved Aunt Mary Jo's was last week. I just love them so much! They are the best family a girl could ask for. So here are the cards I made them, some lovely pictures, and a little back story.

It had to beerafella for Uncle Scott. That's Mexican beer he's drinking, by the way. I colored him with my copics. The star is Heidi Swapp and I used my SU! star punch to stick some color behind it. I punched some holes with my CAD and tied that twill through it. That was all probably obvious. Oh well.

This is my aunt's card. The picture is not the best. Sorry about that. I used Damask Designs. You need it. Dawn's a master designer, I tell ya. I'm not sure about the colors. They're the ones from the Friend 'til the end kit. I'm not sure they're me. I "think" I like them; and if every card is going to be pink and brown, I have to try new pinks. Besides, this just happens to coordinate very nicely with our outfits in the pictures below. Doesn't that work out nicely?

Here she is - my mom's little sister Mary Jo. I just love her so much! Did I already say that? Oh well. Can we really say that enough? She is just so special to me and I know that she is always there. She really is like another mother to me. I don't know how I ever would have survived without her. I won't tell you how old she is, but let's just say I have good genes. This was taken at her DS's wedding in June. It was a very humid and misty day, if my hair didn't give that away.

And this is my DH aka "THE Major" and "Uncle Scott" and you better not forget the "uncle" part. I did once in my twenties - NEVER again. The look of rejection as he said, "What I'm not your uncle anymore?" or something along those lines. I'll never forget. He is my uncle. Someone who has shown me so much love and kindness.
This was also taken at my cousin's wedding. The tailor did a rotten job with Uncle Scott's tux and it was all he could do to keep his pants up so between the ceremony and the reception he went home and put on something more comfortable -his jeans and cowboy gear. He used to rodeo man, but gave it up when he and my aunt got together. She wanted him around for more than 8 seconds.

So anyway - these are my people. Two of the ones who helped make me who I am. They have meant so much to me over the years and blessed me in too many ways to count. I'm totally gushing. Not something I normally do, but I mean every single word. Happy birthday, Aunt Mary Jo and Uncle Scott! I love you!


  1. Love the cards. I like the pink/brown combo with a bit of green.

    My word, your Aunt Mary Jo looks like a teen and Uncle Scott looks like he is a barrel of fun. And might I say, you and THE Major look fabulous!

  2. Great Cards Laura! The pink brown and green will grow on you ;) Uncle Scott's is great too - very appropriate for a cowboy, I think :) Thanks for sharing your family with us - I can tell they are super special people -- oh and WOW your Aunt truly does look like she could be your sister!!!

  3. What a great post! I loved every word. How special to have them in your life! Great pictures and great cards too! I love pink and brown! And blue and brown! and green and brown! (see the pattern!) Thanks for sharing your family with us!!

  4. I love "your people" too, and I have never even met them, lol! But if they have meant that much to you and helped to "make you who you are" then I love them! Your aunt is a beauty- and from the looks of the picture, could likely pass for your sister! And it is obvious that your uncle is a great guy- and fun, too! THE major looked dashing as can be; and forget your hair- you looked perfectly lovely in that great brown and white dress. What a hot couple you two make!