Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm a dork!

Okay, I'm such a dork. I just liked my blog to Nichole Heady's for a challenge thinking I was leaving a comment to the thread. And I have no idea how to make it go away. LOL! So now my secret is out. I'm a dork! Oh well... Some of the nicest people I know are dorks as well. So now I'm off to go do this challenge. OH the pressure. Oh well I do know THE Dawn McVey. Maybe I can do this. ACK! I'm neurotic as well as dorky. Okay, I have to go make something lest I should disappoint. So come back later. I promise to have something well something other than lovely neurotic ramblings. Have a hoot!


  1. I love neurotic ramblings, please don't ever change that ;)

    That is TOTALLY something I would do - can't wait to see what you come up with for the challenge!!

    At least you've 'forced' yourself to do it ;)

  2. You know all your dorkiness only makes people like me feel better! You know- the misery loves company thing.
    Anyway, I was thinking of taking on that challenge, too, so maybe I'll do it with you!
    Whatever you do, please do not omit any of your neurotic ramblings, though. You know, that's why come over here- oh yeah, and to see your gorgeous art work ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing what you create for Nicole's challenge! :-)

  3. But, we love your neurotic ramblings!!! You wouldn't be you without them!!!LOL!!

  4. We love the random, neurotic ramblings! And we ♥ you too.